Friday, 8 May 2015

The Garden House, Battersea

This stark white garden house in South London features a minimal exterior and interior. This dazzling building was designed to accommodate a large family - the sunken concrete courtyard houses the open living areas and the first floor features the bedrooms. Interestingly, the windows for the first floor are fairly hidden with a few located on the side and most being located on the ceiling to allow for an extra flow of natural light.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

M House (Catalonia, Spain)

Architects: MDBA Architects and Guallart Architects

Stunning three bedroom 21st century villa in Spain, combines modernity and tradition through revealing exposed steel as a striking characteristic (steel handrails and columns provide an industrial and powerful feel) while still blending with it's modest village environment. The use of heavy, old stone walls adds a contrasting textured style to the fluid use of concrete and steel and provides a sense of honouring historical architectural details. All of the house's main openings are towards the back so that its owners can enjoy the picturesque views out over the Catalonian fields and hillside.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Coopers Beach (Northland, New Zealand)

Architects: Dorrington Architects

The house consists of four main elements - a bedroom block, a living pavilion, a garage and a corridor linking those elements. Due to the suburban location of the house, incorporating privacy into the design was an important task without compromising the views or amount of natural light.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

White Collage (Sapporo, Japan)

Architects: Keikichi Yamauchi Architect and Associates

The house stands on a small wedge-shaped site overlooking a busy road on one side and a green park on the other side. The house was developed in relationship with its environment - to blend in with the existing green park scenery. In order to capture the surrounding greenery, thick stainless steel sheets are placed on the inside and outside of the house to create distorted reflections that change as seasons go by.

Monday, 6 April 2015

U-House (Ericeira, Portugal)

Architects: Jorge Graca Costa

The house occupies a big lot surrounded by a mass of trees on top of a hill, overlooking Saint Lorenzo Bay. It combines modern design with elements of sustainability. The central design was based on the reinterpretation of ancient Mediterranean patio houses.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Baby nursery in grey, blush and peach

Gorgeous nursery designed by Emma from Beau Monde Mama for her little baby girl! I love the fact that it is not all sparkly, glittery and overly pink - in fact there is a very neutral tone to the room especially with the lovely custom DIY grey wall she decorated. I also like the accents of peach and blush that provide a subtle indication to the gender of the baby. If you want to know how she achieved the look of the room, here is some information about the room's features:

Wall paint/ colour: (Dulux colours of New Zealand)
Grey/ patterned feature wall: Lake Wakatipu
Walls: Manorburn Quarter
Ceiling: Aniwaniwa Quarter

Retro arm chair: Freedom Furniture (New Zealand)
Peach pillow on arm chair: Society6
Lamp stand/ shade: Spotlight (New Zealand)
Cot bed: Farmers (New Zealand)
Chevron cushion in cot: Witchery (Australia)
Diamond cushion in cot: Lorna Love
Shelves: Bunnings Warehouse (New Zealand)

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Pop-up shop in an 18th century building

Awesome mirrored pop-up store in Amsterdam based in a stunningly elegant 18th century building to provide a surreal visual effect. The Felix Meritis building has a gorgeous historical interior and the aim of the interior designers (i29) was to host the pop-up store without being intrusive or obstructive to the existing decor. I think they did a pretty good job in maintaining the original design and preserving that sense of 'old' while exhibiting new and modern products. It is minimal, modest and enhances the existing spaces by adding mirrors that give a play on space and perspective.

Wonderful re-loved furniture by Miss Lolo

Just wanted to show you guys some yummy, colourful and vibrant re-loved pieces of furniture all the way from New Zealand by a brand called Miss Lolo. Each piece of furniture has a cute retro feel and was restored by fashion stylist Tamzyn Adding who created the brand in 2013. She carefully considered each item in terms of fabrics, colours and patterns and gave them a whole new life to produce a wonderfully bright collection of homeware.

You can check out some of her restoration work below and more on